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Dedicated Candidate Search for Top Vertical Experts:




Strength of third-party representation:
Process review and presentation


Market Knowledge:
Able to identify companies not targeted by Client

Search has priority: Aggressive activity and prompt feedback


Access to decision makers:
Not routed through typical HR Systems


Exclusive Representation:
Client presented without competition


Negotiations handled on client’s behalf:
Positive start to relationship


No cost to client:
Service fee paid by Hiring Company


How do I qualify?

A partnership is built on trust from a proven track record of results and frequency of contact.  Once Ancilla has established a working relationship with you, we offer a targeted, engaged career search on your behalf.  The timing is up to you.



  1. Current working relationship with Ancilla

  2. Consent with executed client placement agreement

  3. Allocate time for interviews

  4. Prompt feedback

  5. Provide business references

  6. Provide notice of all job opportunity leads

  7. Realistic expectations and desire to work within your space

  8. Timing is right to make a move and evaluate market

  9. Marketable Skills. Top performer with a proven track record


What if I don't meet Requirements?


Let us help you become a domain expert and close deficiency gaps:  Career Coaching.


How does it Work?

We put together a target list and market on your behalf to the centers of influence within the companies and opportunities that fit your background and vertical focus.  This is our “MVP” program customized for our clients.  You choose your timing; we execute an Agreement and market as a professional and confidential agent.



  • Our research department develops a target list of 50 + companies that are related to the client’s background.

  • Client will also research and profile about 25 + companies he/she would be interested in working for

  • We assess with the client the positions they see themselves best suited for

  • Ancilla, with our client, prepares ‘Reasons Why’ Matrix

  • Client will profile top career accomplishments



  • Ancilla works with the Client to construct a Summary Sheet of that individual’s accomplishments and attributes.

  • Client provides 3-5 strong references from employers, peers, and customers. Ancilla interviews references thoroughly and probes specific areas of Client’s strengths. Ancilla utilizes references to back up Client's credentials.

  • Strategize with Client on market penetration.

  • Proactively market to 50 – 100 companies with the objective of obtaining a minimum of 3 interviews.



  • Provide Client feedback on all communication with the prospective employer, providing insight into market trends and conditions within the industry.

  • Ancilla provides post-interview coaching.

  • Provide Client with a minimum of one update per week.

  • Assist in all negotiations of salary, benefits, etc.

Summary Sheet Example:

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