Our Results on Exclusive Dedicated Search:

Top 3% Vertical Talent,  96% Fill Rate, 114% Faster









Top Vertical Talent:
Candidates selectively targeted and sourced from vertical competitors = Top 3% Experts secured


Fill Time: 

Aggressive process and prompt feedback leads to shorter fill time:114% faster than our competition


Lower Fees:
A success rate over 95% allows us to focus our firm's boutique resources


Strength of Professional Representation:
Boutique Recruiting process and proper company presentation means good PR & Reputation


Market Knowledge:
Able to identify niche candidates not known or targeted by Client


Better Service:
Saves client time, money and leads to best results: eliminates frustration dealing with many firms


Exclusive Candidates:
Candidates presented without competition 



How does it work?

A partnership is built on trust from a proven track record of results and frequency of contact.  We partner with our Clients and produce results.  We go deep into needs and solve a difficult hiring challenge by executing a 20-year proven methodology.


What to expect:


  1.  Better Fill Time

  2. Top Candidates

  3. Lower Fees

  4. Professional Representation 

  5. Market Knowledge

  6. Better Service

  7. Exclusive Candidates



Our comprehensive 24-Step methodology:

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Ancilla's methodology is OFCCP Compliance Ready

Ancilla is a member of NAPS, adhering to "NAPS Standards of Ethical Practices"

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