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Excellent  Reviews

Phil Morris, ​Director Solutions Architecture 

Ancilla team provided great guidance and support in helping to rewrite, reformat, and restructure my resume and LinkedIn profile. It was especially beneficial having not only (consultant) input and perspective - with experience placing professionals in my line of work - but also a talented, experienced writer and an editor. The team had a blueprint for me to follow and the conversations we had along the way helped to solidify the outstanding results. I highly recommend the Ancilla team for these services.

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Kunal Varma
Operations Manager 

I strongly recommend Ancilla for any level of resume review and cover letter advice. I approached Ancilla with an already refined/polished resume which was put together in collaboration with advisers from my MBA program, yet (consultant) and his team were still able to transform my resume to next level professionalism and creativity. The collaboration process could not have been any easier or convenient, extremely flexible working hours and turns around drafts within just a couple of days (weekends included)

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Matthew Du, CFO 

I worked with (consultant) and the team on updating my resume since I was not in the job market for a long time. (consultant) is very good at understanding what I did in my jobs and effectively instilled all the impact points and key results in each of my experience, also gave detailed instructions on how to update my linked profile, job search techniques, how to get ready for an interview, even had a mock interview with me. Highly recommend! 

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Sharonda McHenry, MBA
Healthcare Professional

I didn't know how much it meant to reach out for advice until I spoke with (consultant). He and his team really do a wonderful job at helping individuals with advancing in their career goals. ..has many years of experience, and is highly knowledgeable as well as dedicated to doing whatever it takes to see his clients succeed! His ability to be kind, straight forward and honest is by far the best and what I needed in a mentor. I am still impressed at how much (consultant) has helped me that I am certain he makes a lasting impact on everyone he comes in contact with

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Zachary Kain
Account & Sales Mananger

Went above and beyond to help with my resume. I was going through a shift in my career and he coached me on my questions and guided me. I have already received great feedback from my resume from hiring managers and executives. I already given information to my friends! Thanks !!

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Dean Alonistiotis,
Chief Of Staff

Did a great job helping to get my resume and LinkedIn profile to shine. His advice and recommendations were top notch and he was very attentive to my concerns and questions. We worked on all of these matters together and he was very resourceful. He is a great communicator straight-forward, he is always looking out for the client's best interests and for their success. It was a a great honor to work with (consultant) and I highly recommend him to anyone else needing his services. Keep up the great work!

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Ammar Rifai
Sr. Manager, Procurement 

Expert guidance and clear experience were hallmarks of our collaboration, and enabled us to quickly arrive at the final desired results (a professionally updated resume and cover letter). I also truly appreciated (consultant) (and his team's) flexibility and accommodation of my busy work schedule in addition to his consistent yet gentle followup to ensure we arrived together at our final results quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Well done and many thanks! 

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Beth Darrow, MBA
Banking Operations 

Choosing (consultant) and his team at Ancilla to help with the pivotal steps following my MBA degree has been a pleasant and highly rewarding experience. (consultant) has been gracious and accommodating in helping me achieve my career goals, while also being sensitive to my specific needs. His dedication and focus on effectively delivering my impact points has assured me that I have found the right person. (consultant) has also taught me many vitally important skills pertaining to this process that have left quite an impression on me Thank you !

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Andy Wood
Manager, Trade Compliance

Did a great job helping to get my professional history and profile to shine. His advice and recommendations were first rate and made the entire process much easier than it would have been had I gone it alone. Honest and straight-forward, he is truly looking out for his client's best interests. It was a pleasure working with (consultant) and I highly recommend him to anyone else needing his services. 

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Melody Yixiao Shen,
Quant Financial Analyst

(consultant) and his team did a really great job for my resume/LinkedIn and interview skills. His advice and recommendations were professional and helpful and he was very concern to my questions and provided personalized suggestions. Highly recommend Ancilla Corporation.

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