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Significantly exceeded all the services of all other sources, outstanding and unsurpassed level of service. personal attention was remarkable





Established in 1999, Ancilla Staffing works with leading Global Organizations from Boutique Firms to Fortune 100.  Ancilla Staffing has a proven track record of 20 years elite contractor placement.  Our Staffing team provides vertical targeted local and international talent within all industries.

A Full Service Solution


Ancilla Corporation is a staffing and recruiting agency specializing in direct hire and contract placements. At Ancilla Corporation, we:


  • Identify, source, and locate skilled candidates and subject matter experts from a vast network of sophisticated searches and tools

  • Qualify and assess candidate competency to ensure hiring goals are exceptionally met with each client company

  • Present Qualified Candidates, coordinate all interview details surrounding candidate selection, offers, hires and on boarding

  • Proactively apply best practices to ensure recruitment process is efficient and cost effective


Our team assumes responsibility for the financial, legal, and administrative tasks such as:

  • We serve as the “employer of record” for contract workers in all 50 states and Canada

  • Payroll processing, invoicing, credit analysis, ACA compliant healthcare and extended benefits for workers

  • Provides all required insurances including workers’ compensation, professional, and general liability coverage


Working Together for You

  • Ancilla Staffing specialize in core strengths providing a better, more comprehensive service to client companies. 

  • Ancilla Staffing effectively manages the entire recruitment life-cycle. This time sensitive and specialized technique is best accomplished by an experienced recruiter focused solely on each step of the recruitment process.

  • As back office experts, our team employs contract workers in all 50 states and Canada reducing complexities involving employment eligibility, regulations, payroll, taxes, insurance, and healthcare benefits. Our knowledgeable and trained staff are dedicated to performance, detail, and compliance. 

  • Ancilla Staffing offer a full turnkey solution for temporary and contract staffing. We combine critical recruiting skills with dependable, accurate back office support. This efficient and cost effective solution  helps client companies save time, valuable resources and significantly minimizes risk.

DOWNLOAD REPORT: Why is the demand for contract workers at an all-time high?

Ancilla Staffing nurtures top talent relationships by engaging candidates throughout their career, assuring the candidates career goals and aspirations closely align with that of a prospective employer. We are able to consult our clients on best hiring practices, growth plans, and industry trends.  In addition, we offer top candidates Dedicated Career Search & Career Coaching.

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Mark Conway, CPC
Managing Partner, Staffing Leader
T:  +1-312-962-1297
Mark is an experienced executive search consultant with a 25-year track record in top executive placement.  Mark's team has successfully completed numerous search assignments for clients ranging in size from large multinational Institutions to small Firms.  Mark has completed multiple C-level searches including placements of COO, CIO, CTO, CISO, CFO candidates  supporting industry professionals at all levels. Mark's team consists of researchers, sourcing, and partners working together to provide the best results for clientele.  Mark obtained a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC), the most comprehensive recruiting and staffing industry certification, to better serve his clients.
"Mark is far and away the best in the field. He was amazing every step in the process from introduction to firms, through compensation negotiation, and finally follow up. Mark has a vast network across the U.S. and deep industry knowledge. He is the first and only recommendation I make to professionals looking to make a change."
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