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MBTI® Career Report

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Career Report + Consultation

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Service Description

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Career Report + 30 minute Consultation. *Book a time to coordinate online delivery and receive sample report* Find your best occupational match with this easy-to-read Myers-Briggs® test graphic report Choosing a career path can be difficult. The revised MBTI® Career Report points the way by showing you how your type affects your career exploration and discusses the benefits of choosing a job that is a good fit for your type. By taking the Myers-Briggs test you also explore preferred work tasks and work environments—as well as most popular and least popular occupations—and receive strategies for improving job satisfaction. Description With this report, you’ll discover what career path works best with your personality type and how to best succeed in your field. The potential jobs associated with each MBTI personality type are indicative of the occupations that these types of people not only succeed in but also enjoy. Oftentimes, these careers are centered on a certain theme (for example, if you’re a logical minded person, you may prefer careers in scientific and engineering fields), but the list of potential careers also includes some occupations that you may never have thought of but that research shows are compatible with your personality type. In your MBTI Career Report, you’ll discover how your type affects your choice in occupation (including what sort of duties your type prefers or what kind of environment you work best in), how your personality type can seek out new career options, challenges your personality type may face in the workplace and suggestions on how to deal with them, your personality type’s strengths and weaknesses in the workplace, how you can gain the most satisfaction from your career in the long run, and what specific jobs would work best with your personality type. Furthermore, your report offers suggestions for what to do with this new information (called “action steps”), helping you utilize your MBTI personality type to your career’s advantage. Use the MBTI Career Report for: -choosing a new career direction -developing a plan for long-term career development -getting more out of your current occupation -choosing an academic path toward a successful career -starting out in the work force Assessments are completed online from any computer 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Once you make your purchase you will receive a link with instructions to your email account to complete your assessment(s).

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