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MBTI® Profile

Myers-Briggs Personality Profile + Consultation

  • 5 minutes
  • 235 US dollars
  • online delivery

Service Description

Myers-Briggs Personality Profile + 30 minute Consultation. *Book a time to coordinate online delivery and receive sample report* Uncover your potential with this profile, providing you with insight into your personality type. Ever wanted to know why you act or react a certain way? Wondered what career you would fit best in? Wished to discover how your mind works? A Myers-Briggs® (MBTI®) Profile can start you on the path to answers by mapping out your personality into different categories, allowing you to explore the motives behind your decisions, thoughts, and actions. Description Features With an MBTI® profile, your personality type is broken down into four dichotomies: Extraversion or Introversion, Sensing or Intuition, Thinking or Feeling, and Judging or Perceiving. Through these four categories, the MBTI test constructs your four-letter personality type that allows you to discover how you can best perform not only in your work life but also in your personal life. The four letters of the MBTI assessment are dependent on which way you lean in the above areas. By learning about these components of your personality, you can choose the correct course of action whether in your career, in your home, in relationships, or in conflict resolution: -Introversion and Extraversion: Do you gain energy by being more reflective, relating to smaller groups of people and by being more of a private person? Or by interacting with larger groups of people and being more expressive? -Intuition and Sensing: Do you focus on how information fits into the big-picture instinctively or on real and tangible information that is focused in the present? -Feeling or Thinking: Do you base your decisions and actions on personal values or on logic? -Perceiving or Judging: Do you work and live best spontaneously or with structure and schedules? The MBTI Profile also gives you customizable feedback, meaning that you can utilize the profile for specific goals: -Receive a user-friendly graph depicting a full break down of the personality components that make up your type, and how your answers correspond with your type -Decide how best to apply this information on your type, whether to your career path, work, relationships, home, or personal growth Assessments are completed online from any computer 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Once you make your purchase you will receive a link with instructions to your email account to complete your assessment(s).

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