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Fee Structures


Based on our client's needs we offer multiple search fee options. If one of these is not suitable for your needs, please contact us, we will work with you to achieve a solution that’s right for your organization.



Mutually Committed Relationship to Secure Top Talent: Dedicated search is a logical and attractive combination of both contingency and retained fee structures. This working relationship is strongly recommended when you prefer a contractually committed and fully engaged search relationship, but you do not want to commit to a fully retained search fee structure.

The client pays a small refundable, guaranteed deposit, which is subtracted from the final Placement Fee, to engage search. The balance of the fee (Placement Fee minus Deposit) becomes due after the candidate begins employment. We provide a full replacement guarantee. The service charge is 10% – 30% of the candidate’s first year’s compensation.



Retained executive search is recommended for your most important, most committed, confidential or difficult recruiting efforts. The retained recruiting relationship brings your company and our firm into an exclusive partnership in a critical executive recruiting assignment. Retained search, sometimes referred to as “retainer search” is an exclusive working relationship involving a contract and payment of fees at regular intervals during the course of the search project. Retained search is a contract for services and the highest level of mutual commitment to a successful search result.

Requires 1/3 start-up fee (based on candidate’s first year compensation) to initiate recruitment process. Upon presentation of a ‘short list’ of qualified candidates, the client agrees to pay an additional 1/3 fee. When a placement is made, the client pays the final 1/3 fee within 10 days from the candidate’s start date. We provide a 90 day full replacement guarantee. The service charge is 25% – 40% of the first year’s compensation.


Contract Recruiting / Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Contract recruiting is an option when you have multiple positions to fill against a time line objective. Typically a short term (3-6 month) assignment, a contract recruiting effort involving a dedicated contract recruiter(s) provided on-site at your office or off-site at ours. There is no limit to the term and it would not be unusual for a contract assignment to last in excess of 2 years. Talent Acquisition Contract Recruiting services typically involve billing at an hourly rate between $75-$175.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is where the client transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to Ancilla.   RPO is flexible and can be built around client needs.


Staffing/ Temp-to-Perm/ Contractor


We charge an hourly agreed rate based on timesheet of hours completed by the contractor.  There is a one-time conversion fee if the client takes an option to hire the contractor as a full-time employee. The one-time fee amounts to a percentage of the employee starting salary, which ranges from 10%- 30% of first year’s compensation.  The fee is based on the amount of time contractor has worked for an employer: longer duration means a smaller conversion fee.

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